Multi Sports Network

abc-friary-Multi-sports-facility2.jpg The Ballyhaunis Multi Sports Network primary aim is to bring fitness and health to the town of Ballyhaunis. In 2010 The Multi Sports Facility in the Friary Field. The Multi Sports Facility is the first of its kind in Ireland and was the brain child of Peter Cunnane who first saw a facility of this type in France. The facility is meant for many sports in one area, it can be used for soccer, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball. It is marked out for all these sports, has goals for soccer, baskets for basketball and a nets for Tennis and volleyball. The facility also has the benefit of a roof so can be used in all weather, rain or shine. We have had a great response from the public about the facility and it is well used by all in the town from young children to sporting clubs wanting to train. The facility is also very versatile, it does not have to be used as it is laid out as one group proved by playing Bocci inside it, and it was recently used as a marquee for the Abbey Pattern stalls. The ball court is free to use for all!